Settling a Personal Injury Claim with an Insurance Company

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A personal injury claim is a request made to the insurance company for the compensation of the medical bills, damages, and other severe illness. An insurance company will give you the claim based on proper documentation and their required needs, and they also set a period of accepting all the documents, and if you fail in doing so, then you will not receive any of the benefits.

An insurance claim is the best way to recover all the amount of money which was spent on medical treatments and damage repairs. You need to remember that the company is just like another business company, and they will always think about their benefit and always try to find a way to pay the compensation as low as possible to their customers, and you will get to know about some of the cases in which they pay minimum amount to the issuers.

A personal injury comes with a lot of pain and suffering and moreover; you are not able to get to the job or do any work. This is the main reason behind requesting a claim from the insurance company to recover from all the damages.

Sometimes they will not provide you the full amount of the claim and convince you to settle in low payments. If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you must thoroughly understand the upcoming process and not to get cheated while accepting your claim.

  • Presenting all the medical bills

It is important to represent yourself to claim your money for the personal injury from the insurance company. But when you are representing yourself, then there are some factors you need to consider is that you need to tell them how bad you are hurt.

In some cases, you may be seriously injured and encountered with many other problems. So you may have paid many bills for your treatment, lost some of the income, and an experienced a lot of suffering and pain. It is necessary to tell every amount you have paid to recover yourself and the time you have lost in recovering yourself. These will make a strong impact by your side to make them give the entire necessary amount.

There is one method to do this task quickly to collect all the bills and write down about every payment.

  • To make sure that it was not your fault

You need to make sure that it was not your fault and still, you need to present a witness with you who will give answers to the necessary questions on your behalf.

If it was your fault, then you will not receive all the benefits of the company. Sometimes, most of the witness will not speak in your favor and demand something from in return, so it is better to choose the good witness. If you are going to fight your case, then you don’t have to be afraid of anyone, and you will come to know that the opposition will make you accept the blame on your behalf.

  • Things you need to know before sending a demand letter to the company (also read this post)
  1. You need to collect all the pieces of evidence from the scene of the accident to make sure that you will get full benefits of the claim. Let us discuss some of the key points below.
  2. At the scene of the accident, you need to click pictures of the damaged vehicle, property, and the injuries on you.
  3. Try to obtain a copy from the police about the car accident case.
  4. You need to get medical treatment as soon as possible and do not forget to collect all the bills. It is essential because when you ask the insurance company to give you claim, then they will need these bills to verify that if they are original or not.
  5. Someone will ask you to give a recorded statement to the insurance company of the other person, and if you do so then it may be used against you, and then you won’t be able to receive any benefits.
  • Try to calculate your damages

There are two types of damages, one is the general damage in which the cost is not calculated exactly and in other one is special damage in which the cost is precisely calculated.

In special damages, it includes damage related to the property, medical bills, and lost in earnings. As you can see that they can be easily calculated by adding them up and in general damages, it includes damages based on suffering and pain, and these cannot be properly calculated.

  • When you send your demand letter

There will be a date given to you from the insurance company to meet all the required documentation and send the demand letter in time. The demand letter contains various terms and conditions, and you need to read them carefully and then send this letter containing knowledge about the losses occurred to you with proofs. It makes your letter looks more effective and has less chance of getting rejected.

After you send the demand letter to the insurance company, then it will start investigating your case and try to find a reason to give you less compensation.

  • Counter with the settlement

The company will try to give you an offer by saying that it is the first and the last offer for you and we don’t give you more compensation. But you don’t have to fear them as they are trying to make you fall in their trap. You have to neglect that offer if it does not meet your needs and tell them you have all the necessary document s and proofs for getting full compensation.

These all are the essential guidelines to consider before applying for a claim to the insurance company. If you properly go through all the instructions, then you may not need an attorney for settling your claim.

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