Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer for Free?

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Just for once, think of getting into an accident due to the negligence of the others or because of someone. You paid your medical bills on your own and move ahead without filing any case against the person who did that.

Would that be fair to you? You deserve compensation, right? In this article, we will be discussing if you can hire a personal injury lawyer for free or not.

Free Consultation

Lawyers are without a doubt very expensive. Not everyone can afford a lawyer, and this is one of the many reasons why people do not prefer filing these cases.

But there something that everyone should know about personal injury lawyers. They provide us free consultations. Yes, you read it right. If you get into an accident you must know everything about your rights and all the legal options that are there for you. For this purpose, you can consult a personal injury lawyer and they will not charge any fees for consultation.

For a person who is a victim of any sort of injury, this free consultation is a very good option. Since you are not getting an option to discuss your case with a professionally trained lawyer, it is your right to ask as many questions as you want.

You should ask him everything related to your case. The best things to ask include the chances of you winning, how expert is that lawyer in these sort of cases. You can also discuss the policies related to payment. This free consultation session will also help you to decide whether you should hire a lawyer or not.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

There is no lawyer who will work for you without taking any fees. Lawyers do charge you a fee no matter what your case is. For personal injury lawyers, there are a few methods you can go for when it comes to the payment, but they undoubtedly will not work for you without getting anything in the end. Only the consultation with the lawyer is free for you.

Options for Reducing the Lawyer Cost

Who does not want to save costs when hiring a lawyer? There are many ways that you can reduce the amount you have to pay to your personal injury lawyer for your case. Some of them include:

#1. Tell your Lawyer your Budget

The best way to reduce the cost is to tell your budget. By this, I mean that no matter how many lawyers you meet or discuss your case with, just tell them about your budget. This will help you get a lawyer who will charge you the fees that you can pay to them without any difficulty.

#2. Contingency Fees

If you think that a lawyer will work for you without any fees, then you are absolutely wrong. They will charge you money but a good thing about the personal injury lawyers is that they can work on contingency. This means that you are not supposed to pay any fees to them till the time you win the case. Isn’t that interesting?

The personal injury lawyers sit with you and they discuss your case. They generate a rough idea of the chances they have of winning you the case. If they think that you can win, then you agree to work with you on the basis of contingency.

The thing with contingency is that the lawyer only gets the payment after winning the case, but the payment is already decided during the process of hiring.

In the agreement that is signed between you and your lawyer, there is this section in which a percentage of money is decided before the proceeding of the case that is given to the lawyer. Usually, that percentage is 33.33% of the total amount you get in the end. So, you can say that the personal injury lawyer works without any fees only if you lose the case and your chances of losing are very less because lawyers only work on contingency if you are on the winning side.

#3. Flat Fee

Another best option for you is to decide on a flat fee with your lawyer. While making an agreement, a thing that you can do is to ask your lawyer to tell you the total amount that would include all the money that you have to pay throughout the case. You can then negotiate that amount but you are going to pay only that particular amount to your lawyer. Not a single penny less, not a single penny more.


Getting a personal injury lawyer for free is not an option but there are certain methods that can help you reduce the cost you are supposed to pay to your lawyer.

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