My Lawyer Is Not Communicating with Me

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Have you also hired a lawyer to resolve your legal case and all the things are going well, but suddenly your lawyer stops responding to your calls, not informing you about the progress in the case? Are you also dealing with the problem and thinking that your lawyer is not taking you into the loop of what’s going on regarding your case?  Do you also keep on saying the things like my lawyer are not doing anything or taking your case leniently; it’s so aggravating, etc.? If yes then it time to think that whether your lawyer is solving the case or not that you have hired him for.

It’s undeniable to get frustrated about the situation because the anxiety and annoyance keep on eating you till you don’t find any solution to the problem.

Things that you can do when you are feeling ignored by your legal advisor.

One of the most suitable things to do is to mail or fax them a letter all the issues that you are facing because of him. Explain each and everything, whether it’s about the issue of not communicating correctly or if you want to fix a meeting with them to have logical and practical reasons behind the delaying of the work.

Sending a formal but well-bred letter should do the job here to give a clear idea to the lawyer that you are having concerns with them and are frustrated with their work.

Here, I won’t recommend taking any strict actions like filing his complaint in the bar associations. Don’t make this step even in a rush. It is because it can make your attorney angry, and he or she may deny handling your case anymore.

Furthermore, it can be a problem to you as well, because you will need to seek for some other lawyer and that too in the middle of the case which is very time-consuming and can lead to gratuitous delay of your case.

Therefore, it is suggested to the first contact with your lawyer and tries to fix the issues, if it works then well and good and if not then it left you with the only decision of firing them from handling your case.

Lastly, you can also inform your new lawyer to help you in firing a complaint against your previous lawyer for malpractice.

Worried regarding the work of the lawyer? Here’s what you need to do

If you are having issues and thinking that your attorney is not working properly, then you should make the investigation because you can’t let your legal case in someone’s hand that is not even serious about them.  But it is always not recommended to take any strict measure directly when we can make the things work with a conversation.

Therefore, consider doing the below reiterated things to solve the issue:

  • Communication

There are chances to solve everything with the help of a decent conversation; for that reason, it is better to first communicate with the problem regarding your issues. Explaining your concerns to him can help in resolving the issues too much extent because then your attorney will also feel to take the things seriously understanding your situation.

  • Getting the information on your basis

Here if you are not provided with the information about in which direction your case is heading towards then, it is better to try to collect the information on your basis. For this, you should ask your lawyer to send you the copies of the progress made in your case so that you can study them to check the work of your attorney.

  • The last thing is when you need to take strict actions

Before that, you should strictly ask your lawyer to repair the mistakes that he or she had done regarding the case. But if your lawyer still is neglecting your words and not sending you an exact detail of your case, then you can take the matters in your hand. You can visit the courthouse yourself and can look at the file of your case without any problem. There you can see all the paperwork that has been conducted yet in the case.

You can also go in the small claims court and can claim to compensate for the money that you have paid to your previous lawyer. Also, you can ask the court to take the necessary actions regarding your case.

  • Educate yourself

It is one of the most important that you always can do and you should do to educate yourself about your legal rights. If your lawyer is not guiding you the matter than you can take the step and visit to the law library and read the necessary information that everyone should be aware of.


There are many reasons, for example, you may be mad at your attorney such as they are not accurately handling the case, not taking the appropriate legal action or are not provide you sufficient information about the direction in which the case is heading towards.

  • The most irritating stuff is when you are not getting any of your calls answered from your lawyer, and then wait is a clear sign of something fishy is happening. Therefore, you require taking the measures as soon as possible, here in this guide; you will find out that what you can do if you are feeling negligence from your lawyer.
  • Other reason behind it can be that he might be busy in attending some other cases as well, and he will deal with your case when your deadline will about to come. If this is the case, then you shouldn’t get mad at him. You are not the only client he has; therefore, it is better to let him handle all the things. The sole responsibility that you have is to make your attorney remind of the date of your case a few days before so that they can work properly on your case.
  • If there is nothing to report to you about the case yet, then it might be one of the most substantial reasons that they are not communicating with you. For example, if your case is about the settlement offer in a personal injury, then it might take months to get the written agreement regarding the final statement of the insurance companies.
  • Till then the only thing you can do is to wait and send them a formal letter. That’s why your lawyer may not be contacting you because he must be waiting for the moment he gets the reply from the other party so that they can come up to you with an absolute answer.
  • If your lawyer has some bad news and is not able to face you and tell you about it, then probably it could be the reason behind the silence. It can only happen if your attorney is not good at communication.  That’s why it becomes necessary to keep a few things in mind that determines the lawyers’ personality and hire the one who is best of all. Therefore, here, I have wrapped up some of the qualities that you should consider going through before hiring a personal attorney to handle your case. So, let’s have a quick overview of these characteristics below:
  • Your lawyer should be straightforward to you from the very start. He should not feel any hesitation to clear the things to you.
  • They conduct all the necessary action on time. Your attorney should be sincere and punctual towards their work.
  • If you can communicate with the lawyer properly, then he is skilled enough to make the client friendly. The factor of communication plays a very significant role in the whole procedure of solving the case. It is an only problem for which you are here to find out the solution.
  • Lastly, when you are having your initial appointments to discuss the case, you need to see whether they are replying to your emails or calls or not.
  • The next and the valid reason can be because of your fault if your attorney is no more communicating with you, and not handling your case properly. By this I mean, if you are not following his advice correctly. I mean, why your lawyer would contact you any more if you are not taking his advice seriously. There is no meaning of giving you suggestions anymore. If he advises you to go to the south, then you head towards the north direction. Therefore, it would be completely wastage of time to explain more things to you. Therefore, if you are hiring the lawyer, it is suggested to follow their request that will make your relations better.


Facing the situation where your lawyer is neglecting you, and you are unaware of what’s happening in your case. The negligence is annoying enough to pile up even more stress upon your head. If you are also dealing with the same issue where your attorney is not putting the correct efforts in your case, then it is time to take some action to avoid any adverse effect on the case.

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