Increase your personal injury settlement

Is it possible to increase the amount in your injury case? Yes, but to increase the amount you should follow some rules and avoid making mistakes that can ruin your case. Here in this guide on how to increase your personal injury settlement, I am sharing some tips that will help you to maximize your injury settlement.  

Are you a victim of an accident and trying to get your compensation from the insurer? Do you want to know how to increase your personal injury settlement? If your answer is yes, then let me tell you that you are in the right place. Insurance companies are not charity funds which will give you compensation money at asking. The insurance company will try to make your injury settlement at the lowest amount possible. Because they are doing business and nobody wants to lose money in the business.

14 proven tips for maximizing your personal injury settlement

01. Run an inquiry on your own.

If you think that the insurance company of the adjuster will pay you after claiming, then you are living in a world of fools. The insurance company will do everything they can to pay you less or nothing.

So that’s why I am telling you to run a proper investigation on your accident. Collect reports from police, reports from the hospital, the statement from the witness, and other equipment related to your accident

How to conduct an investigation? If this is your question, then you can hire a private investigator. Don’t worry; There is no necessity to hire James bond for doing this type of investigation.

You will have to hire a team of accident reconstructor. They can help you to collect material evidence for example car broke pieces. What is the reason behind conducting your own investigation? Because to collect all kinds of evidence the insurance company will launch an inquiry.

They can use their collected information against you. You have to investigate so that you can back your claim with proper evidence.

02. Collect pictures of elements related to your accident.

You may hear that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. Nothing fit better than this quote on your situation. So what pictures should I take for evidence? You have to take photos of your car, a car which hit your car or you — pictures of your injuries, pictures of the accident scene.

If you find an alcohol bottle inside your adjuster car, don’t forget to take images of it. It will prove how irresponsible was your adjuster while driving. According to the jurist, the photos are more convincing evidence than words. That’s why you have to collect enough photos to prove your injury claims.

03. Don’t disclose your medical reports. 

Don’t disclose your medical reports to any other insurance company. Most of the victim makes this mistake by allowing other insurance company to access their medical records.

If your adjuster insurance company have your previous medical records, they will use that medical reports to say that your injuries are previous injuries. It will have a serious negative impact on your injury settlement. If the insurance company can’t diminish your claim, surely they will be able to cut the overall value of your claim.

04. Don’t discuss your case with outside people.

As I told you before, the insurance company will do anything to make your injury claim void. The insurance company will send the private investigator to interview your neighbors, friends, and colleagues to know about your injury.

That’s why you should not discuss your case with other people except your lawyer. Sometimes private investigator from insurance companies comes with a hidden camera and question your friends about your injuries.  

05. Make sure that the adjuster insurance company set a higher reserve account. 

What is the reserve account? Usually, an insurance company set up an account after the accident to pay their expected amount to the victim. How much money will be in the reserve account? It depends on the policy of an insurance company.

If you find that money in the reserve account is higher than your damage then you will be able to get your money easily.

What if reserve account has less money than your damage? In this case, you have to ask the insurance company to increase the amount of money in the reserve account. Will the adjuster insurance company raise the reserve amount after receiving your request? The answer is straight no. Instead of increasing the reserve amount insurance company will pressure the adjuster to make a settlement with the available reserve amount.

They will increase the pressure on the adjuster day by day, and you will receive pressure from the adjuster for making a settlement with the available money.

06. Make sure that adjuster knows seriousness about your injuries.

You should notify the adjuster up to date about injuries. If your adjuster put a small amount of money, and you claim a lot more than that, then the adjuster will be astonished to pay that high amount. To avoid this problem, inform your adjuster if your wounds become severe if a new issue arises if your doctor starts treating you with a new treatment if you need to do an expensive test.

So if you keep your adjuster informed day to day about your injuries and if the cost of treatment rises then he will raise the reserve amount. After that when settlement time arrives, he will have enough money to pay for your claim.

07. Never allow an insurance adjuster to pressure you.  

Never give insurance company adjuster any chance to pressure you. Adjuster of the insurance company will apply every trick to make the settlement in less amount than your deserved amount.

He will present different types of documents to prove that fault was yours. The adjuster will also apply some logic to tell you that if not entirely you are partially responsible for the accident.

Don’t be astonished if the adjuster shows kindness to you; it is another method for making the settlement. If you take a longer time for your injury settlement, then the adjuster will increase the pressure day by day.

You shouldn’t pay any attention to torment or greatness of the adjuster instead make sure that you get every dollar that you deserved.

08. Take notes of your injuries every day.

Is it necessary to take notes of injuries every day? Yes, if you are serious about receiving the payment for your losses. When the case goes in the trial, the jury will ask you questions about your injuries. If you take notes of your injuries, then you will be capable of answering questions of the jury accurately.

If you don’t take note of your injuries regularly, then it will be difficult for you to answer questions of the jury correctly. It will damage the credibility of your claim. Even the jury can dismiss your claim if he can’t find enough credibility in your answers.

So which things should I write in my daily notes? The number of days you suffer from pain, how many weeks you suffer from headache, how many nights you couldn’t sleep, how many days you couldn’t eat properly, etc.

09. Make sure that you know all of your losses. 

To get compensation from the adjuster, you have to list all of your losses which are the result of your injury. So which losses should I include in my damages list? You can list anything that you paid for the outcome of your injuries.

Your losses list may consist of the medical bill, damage car, bill for the nurse, loss of your income money, the fee of the taxi that you are using to visit doctor, loses in your business, the wage of the servant, wage of a nurse in your home, etc.

10. Store all of your medical bills and receipt.

Don’t throw any of your bills and receipt. If you throw your invoice and receipt, then you will be unable to prove your damages. For this reason make sure that you save all of your medical bills, hospital invoice, food receipt, travel receipt, medical test receipt, and bills which are directly connected to your accident.

11. Stop visiting the doctor when he/she releases you.

Do you know what will happen when the insurance company finds out that you are not visiting the doctor? They will say that your injuries are not severe and your claim should be dismissed. If your lawsuit goes on trial, you will face the lack of credibility of your claim there too.

On the other hand, some injuries sometimes develop after the accident. No one knows this better than a doctor. So don’t stop visiting the doctor until she/he releases you. It is better for your health. It will also make your claim for compensation more strong

12. Take help from a personal injury lawyer to assess the cost of your injury.

It is better to make a proper assessment of your injury cost. Your doctor can assess the cost of injuries. But a skilled personal injury lawyer can make a better assessment than a doctor. Why? A personal injury lawyer is dealing with this type of cases every day, and he knows what will be the better amount to ask for your case.

The personal injury lawyer will check everything from medical bills to travel cost to make a complete assessment of the cost for your injury.

13. While hiring a lawyer make sure that he is a fighter.    

Which type of lawyer should I choose fighter or defender? Of course a fighter lawyer, a fighter lawyer will take the insurance company to court. On the other hand, a defense lawyer will try to settle the case without going to court.

If you choose a fighter lawyer, then there are higher chances that you will get a higher amount. But the cost of the experienced personal injury lawyer is high. Don’t worry; an experienced personal injury lawyer will recover more money so that you can pay the lawyer bill and keep your fair amount.

14. Do not post anything related to your injuries on social media.

Everyone loves to share their images on social media. Even people post their accident photos on their social media profile and ask for prayer. But if you are in a personal injury case, then you should avoid posting your images on social media.

Lawyer of the insurance company will search for your pictures on the internet to get the proper idea about your health condition. If they find an image, where you are playing golf with your friend, they will take the picture and use that against you in the court.

By posting such photos on social media, you will surely lose your case. So I advise you not to post anything related to your injuries on social media until you get your compensation money.

Common mistakes that can ruin your personal injury settlement.

Do you know why most of the victim lost their injury case? There are several reasons for their failure. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid while settling your injury case.

Not being honest about injuries: Be honest about your injuries. Don’t make any excessive claim about your injuries. At some point, the adjuster will find out the truth, and you will lose your credibility.

Take a long time after the accident to take action: Don’t take too much time for deciding on your injury case. Take your decision as soon as possible and take action on that.

Not being honest about previous injuries: It is another common mistake made by most of the victim. You shouldn’t keep secret of your past injuries. Tell the doctor about your previous injuries. It will help you to increase your credibility. 

Take a long time to hire a lawyer: If you find that insurance company is not behaving with you properly, and creating pressure on you for making the settlement at a lower amount, then you shouldn’t waste any time for hiring your lawyer. 

Tips for finding the right personal injury lawyer

You will find a lot of ads of personal injury lawyer in the TV, newspaper, on the billboard, etc. Finding the right personal injury lawyer within many lawyers is challenging. So to make your job easy, here I am going to share some tips that I use for finding the right lawyer.

  • You can ask your friends and neighbors for referring to a personal injury lawyer. Ask them about their experience with the lawyer and if you’re satisfied then select him.       
  • Search online and read the review on personal injury lawyer. After that make a shortlist then compare between them and select the best personal injury lawyer from the shortlist.
  • Before making a deal with the lawyer make sure that you ask the lawyer fee.
  • Ask the lawyer about his education, practice duration, and training
  • Ask the lawyer will he personally handle your case or not

Final words

Getting a fair amount from the personal injury case is difficult. In this article, I have shared some useful tips that helped many victims to increase their injury settlement. I hope if you follow this piece of information on how to increase your personal injury settlement, you will be able to increase the amount of your injury case. If you have further questions on increasing of a personal injury settlement, then feel free to ask me about that in the comment box below.

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