How do you respond to a low settlement offer?

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Have you been injured in some accident due to the negligence of some other person? If yes then you may have got some bad injuries, then, usually, you may want some compensation for you.

The file of the settlement offer can be placed with the help of your attorney, but if you are expecting that you will always get a great offer, then you may be wrong at this point.

You will realize it when you will receive a low settlement offer. But if you don’t know how to deal with a low personal injury settlement offers than you may need some help regarding the case.

Well, don’t panic because there is some useful information in a particular case. Here we will discuss a list of things that you can consider at the point of time.

Well, it is imperative to know about responding to the low settlement offers. It is because you should not lose the chance of getting fair compensation for the injuries that you have just because of the mistake of some other person.

What happens in the typical settlement cases?

Usually, what happens is that all the information regarding the injuries and the medical bills are collected and the reports are gathered in order to file the statement offer. When you file the statement against the person who is responsible for the injuries or his or her insurance company, they respond to your demand letter with a shallow statement offer. Therefore, you need to see how you are going to respond to their reply.

So, to assist you here, we are to assists you in the case so that you can handle the situation without getting panic. Let’s delve into these thoroughly.

What will things be required by the insurance company to file your claim?

Here I would tell you some vital information as well regarding the things required to file your claim to the insurance company.

You should make the insurance company available with the copies of all of your test reports, pharmacy and the medical bills, etc.

How to respond to a low settlement injury offer?

Here are some things that you should consider doing while you get a low offer of compensation.

  • Analyzing the offer properly

It is imperative to consider the offer carefully that is given to you. However, it is very normal to get emotional and to provide a response in a rush. But here you don’t want to let your emotions conquer over the rational thoughts that you should do.

Therefore, analyze the offer correctly. If you are firing back a quick response to the insurer by agreeing to their low settlement offer, then you are making a mistake, and you need to stop right away even though you need money.

Here you need to neglect the initial offer that you will get. It is because the initial offers offered by the insurers are very low. For that reason, here I would suggest you not to accept the first settlement offer that you get. The only case to accept the offer is when they are proposing a digit which you find will pay off for the injuries that you get.

  • Ask questions

Before filing another written statement, you should ask the questions to the insurers. It will help you to know and evaluate the fact that why they had proposed such a low compensation amount in the initial offer. All this will give you an idea about how you should draft your first formal response letter in which you are going to mention your counteroffer.

Waiting for their response is considered as a respectful act here. Once you asked the questions on your basis, then you need to wait for their response to your questions.  You don’t need to take any step in a rush if you didn’t get a quick response from them. However, you can call the adjuster to make them remind about the response letter.

  • Filing the counter offer

Once you have their responses, you need to make a counteroffer in a formal reply. Tell them the reasons why you deserve to get the preferred amount. It is due to the fact that there are chances that the initial offer of the adjuster was low because they don’t have enough amount of information about the injuries you get in the accident.

Therefore, it is essential to provide detailed information about the details of the treatment that you had and an explicit mention of all the charges that you have charged with.

Now here, one thing is self-evident that you should include the details of the injuries that you had already explained in the demand letter that you filed initially. Here you only need to concentrate on telling them about the situations that you are suffering due to the post results of the accident, such as you are not able to enjoy some of your favorite hobbies or if you are not able to continue your job. It is because in the critical cases, the emotional points are much more profound and hurting than the physical injuries that you had.

After that you have provided all the information, there are chances that the injuries analyze everything properly and reply to you with a counteroffer keeping in mind all the emotional points that you gave.

  • Preparing your counter offer

To make the counteroffer, you need to examine your case thoroughly and see how much compensation you deserve. So, that you have an estimate of the amount that you need to be paid off with or you can contact and hire a professional injury attorney for the purpose.

  • Now the last things are to get a written agreement.

It is very crucial, and the key step in the process of filing a settlement letter. It is an agreement where the final statement of both parties is written. A written agreement should consist of all the essential details of the injuries that have been encompassed in the accident and all the statement of medical bills.

But before getting you written agreement done, you must confirm with the insurance company about their acknowledgment regarding it. For more precise move you can send them a letter about asking for their final statement. Ask the company about the expected date of the payment.

These are some of the steps you need to consider doing in order to handle the low settlement offers. Here the critical step is to be patient at every level. If you are not getting any response from the adjuster, then you can call them to ask about when they will be able to reply to you. Show some regards as the settlement offer is a back and forth step that is very normal to get on to the final statement in the written agreement.

Strong points in a personal injury claim?

In order to handle the low settlement offers from the insurance company, there are some points which put great lay emphasis on your injury claim, which makes it essential to discuss here. Therefore, without doing any further due let’s jump on straight to the points.

Most emphasizing points of any personal injury claim are post-  effects of injuries that you are facing. Such as stress, or disability to perform any tasks or continue the daily job work, or if there is any long term injury.

For example, if you are a housewife and due to the injuries after the accident you are unable to perform the household work or you need to hire someone for your kids then these are the emotional points that can be mentioned in the settlement offer and are also the most emphasizing points in the case of personal injury.

When it’s time to seek the advice of an attorney?

However, if at any point of time while handling your case you believe that the insurers are not taking your situation correctly, dismissive or being slipshod with you or if they are lying through their teeth than you make seek the help of an experienced attorney in the cases of the personal injury claims. Let them handle your situation. They will immediately launch the required legal action on your behalf.


If you are claiming your injury claim without the help of an attorney, then the points mentioned above become even more crucial because there are changes that you may accept a low settlement offer due to the emotional response.

To file a claim and handle it on your own, you need to get fully prepared, so that you can claim the compensation amount that you deserve. Also, if you want to get reasonable compensation for your serious injuries, then you need to follow the above points because the no any single insurance company want to pay a significant amount for the permanent and the severe injuries. The points mentioned above will make you even capable enough of handling your injury claims on your own.

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