Get Maximum Personal Injury Settlement for Car Accidents

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A car accident claim is a request made to the insurance company to pay for the cost of damages and injuries. The claim can be taken for personal injury and damaged part of the car.

There are two kinds of personal damages, and they are special damages and general damages. General damages are known as non-economic damages, and special damages are known as economic damages.

Special damages include compensation for the lost wages, medical treatment, property damage, income lost, and many other types of accidents. In general damages, you can get compensation when you encounter with major injuries, damaged vehicle, and many other serious damaged occurred during the crash.

In the case of the normal suffering and pain, then you will get some amount of money from the insurance company. You need to remember that if the insurance company knows that the fault is yours then you won’t be able to get the claim and you will get the claim when you are not to blame of the accident.

In general, the insurance company always try to maximize their profit and give you minimum benefits of the claim. They likely to offer some types of claims and it will make you believe that these offers are best for you, but they are not. You have to make sure to not to fall in their trap as they try to convince you for getting as low a few amounts of the money.

Before going for an insurance claim, let us discuss what are the factors considered for car accidents claims calculation.

  • There is an official calculator made to estimate the value of the claim. Sometimes, they don’t have the exact formula for calculating the claim for the car accident, and if you typically damaged your car, then they will try to pay some amount of the money based on their insurance policy.
  • If you want to claim for injury and pain then you need to visit the doctor as to get the medical certificate and even if you don’t feel any injury; still, you need to visit the doctor for a check-up.
  • There are some of the companies who don’t come into action after a few days of the accident. If you need to get the maximum of it, then you have to add all the expenses of the car repairs, medical bills, lost wages, and many other bills.
  • You would get more benefit if you encounter in the major car accident and in one more condition, you will get more benefit if the driver was found guilty.
  • If you try to fill your claim with the other insurance company of that driver, then you will not get the maximum benefit.
  • When you are hurt, then you need to apply for claim as fast as possible as if you spend more time doing that, then you will not get the benefit.
  • You can also search online to get the exact value of the damages and the injuries.

These all are the key points of understanding the fact of how they calculate the insurance claim.

As you all know, they will always try to compensate for your benefits at a lower value, and if you don’t want to let this happen to you, so you need to understand these upcoming points.

You need to look for medical treatment immediately

When your car gets crashed and has some of the injuries, then you have to immediately consult with the doctor. It does not matter whether you feel injured or not. If you are seriously injured, then the company will allow you to seek the maximum benefit, so that you can manage your medical bills and car bills.

They will present you as the victim, and if you have made any mistake, then there is no chance of getting the minimum claim. In most of the cases, many people delayed to have the medical treatment and then the insurance company will declare them as a fraud to claim for a fake case. So it is best to have the medical check-up in time.

Following the rules for claim filing

The insurance company will always try to deny your claim or try to minimize the recovery of the damaged product. You need to make sure that there will not be incomplete paperwork, missed deadlines, and inconsistency of your story.

If these things happen, then they will completely deny your claim, and they can also offer you less compensation. You will increase the number of odds for getting a maximum benefit of your claim if you thoroughly follow the process of the form filing.

Try not admitting your mistake

You don’t have to admit the fault, and if you do so, then you will not get any amount of the claim. As the insurance company will force you to admit that you have made some mistake. You should not apologize or take the blame on you at the time of the collision.

Whether you are faulty or not you need to speak the truth in a proper way as there will be an investigation officer who will examine every detail of the crash and will speak to the victim to find the truth. If you do not speak truth to the officer, then it will create an impact on you to get your claim in a proper way.

Don’t go for the recorded statement

The insurance company will try to take the evidence in the recorded statement. If you help them in this method, then they will get a chance to give you less amount of the claim. When the officer says that it is necessary to give a proper statement in the recorded form, and then you must keep remembering not to give that statement which works against you, and they are forcing you to speak what they want then you can go for the lawyer to handle your case.

Try to know the exact value of the claim

Before going to engage in settlements with the insurance provider, try to talk to the attorney who will give you the exact value of the damages and the medical cost, and they generally don’t take any amount from you. Sometimes a company will try to fool you to settle the claim with a low amount. If you have all the information regarding the damages and the injuries, then you won’t settle for the less amount of the claim.

Don’t settle for the first offer

The insurance company will provide you a good looking settlement offer, and it looks too good that you will easily go for that offer. But the first settlement offer they provide is not good for you and sometimes they will try to scare you by saying that it is the first and the last offer for you and don’t get scared and then politely reject their offer by saying that my attorney will take charge of my case.

The most important thing you need to remember is that if you settle for the first agreement, then you won’t be able to change your decision and do not get any amount of money in the future.

Find an attorney to take charge of your case

It is the best way to get the maximum benefit from the insurance company as the attorney knows everything like how to deal with the company, proper calculation of the damages and injuries. So it up to that you need to hire a professional attorney for your case.

In some of the cases, many people believe that they can hire anyone for their case but what they don’t understand is that some of the attorneys work for the insurance company and then they don’t let you have the maximum benefit. In my opinion, you have to go for a professional and experienced lawyer for your case.

Protect your document

The company will ask to provide all the documents and the proofs of the accident in the given, and if you failed in doing so, then they will try to terminate your claim. The best way to protect your document is that at first, you need to know all the names of the investigating officers. The second one is to ask those officers who are present at the time of the accident and get the copies of the accident report.

The third one is that you must take the pictures of the damage that occurred to your car after the accident. The fourth one is to know all about the other car driver and all other parties which are present at the time of the crash. You have to talk with the witnesses around you to get more detailed information. All these points will help you to gather all the necessary details.

These all are the key points to be understood carefully to get the maximum benefit from the insurance company for your claim.

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